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Healing Rooms Europe Conference 9. - 11.3.2017


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The top event of spring 2017 was the European Healing Rooms Conference in Helsinki on 9th-11th March. We gathered Christians from different churches in Finland and from around Europe.

Conference location
Vanha kirkko
Lönnrotinkatu 6
00120 Helsinki

The schedule
Thursday 9.3.2017, 15.30 - 21.30
Friday 10.3.2017, 10.00 - 21.30
Saturday 11.3.2017, 10.00 - 21.30

More detailed program can be found from this pdf:

Conference speakers

The main speaker for the conference is Cal Pierce, International Director for the Healing Rooms  

Also from Finland:

  • Antero Laukkanen, member of Parlament, pastor
  • Heikki Hilvo, vicar
  • Ari Puonti, senior pastor, Helsinki Vineyard church
  • Irma and Kyösti Frestadius, senior pastors, Espoo pentecostal church
  • Susanne and Markku Laitinen, national leaders, Healing Rooms Finland ry
  • Henri Elfving, senior pastor, Freechurch Lahti
  • Martti Falck, evangelist, pastor
  • Patrick and Maria Tiainen, pastor, Word of Faith Church, Kokkola
  • Maija Kuoppala, chaplain, Helsinki Old Church
  • Seppo Pehkonen, senior pastor, Helsinki City-church
  • Eva Sarsa, Healing Rooms Finland ry
  • Mika and Mirkka Jantunen, pastors, Kohtaamispaikka church
  • Annamari and Roberto Brandao, pastors, Harvest church
    ....and many others.

    Also from Europe:
  • Paul and Eve Clift, Pastor, Directors for Healing Rooms UK and divisional director of Southeast Europe (Albania, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Scotland, Wales, Slovakia)
  • Victor ja Antonia Bregger, Directors for Healing Rooms Switzerland and divisional director of Southwest Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain)
  • Maria Sjögren, Pastor and Director for Healing Rooms Sweden and Awakening Stockholm –conference host (Autumn 2016)
  • Anton Tuul, Director for Healing Rooms Estonia
  • Susanne and Markku Laitinen, Directors for Healing Rooms Finland and divisional director of Northeast Europe (Scandinavia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania)

    Worship leaders will be
  • On Thursday and Friday: Northwind Collective / Saara and Rodrigo Campos
  • On Saturday: Sound of Heaven / Jani Pellikka & co


    Please reserve a seat for yourself by registering early enough via our website.

    There is not entrance fee to the conference, we only ask you to register. Registrations is closing on Wed 8th March at 12.00

    Please register by clicking the banner above or by the link below.

    Registration for the HR-Europe 2017 Conference

    The meetings will be broadcasted and they will be seen partly on the TV7 -main channel and partly on  channel TV 7 Plus.

    The purposes and goals of the conference
    The conference goals come from our values, our aim is:

  • To encourage and equip Christians in every denomination and church to do the good work in order to see the powerful effects of the Gospel even stronger in Finland and Europe (Mark 16) God will heal people in a holistic way spiritually, mentally and physically.

  • To strengthen the unity and co-operation of Christians.  

    The values in the ministry of Healing Rooms you can find here: http://www.healingrooms.fi/?sid=363  

    In this event we are celebrating the ministry of Healing Rooms in Finland in the last 10 years. There are at present 33 Healing Room clinics in Finland with about 500 team members from different churches praying for people.

    Print and share the poster:

    In the Conference.

    Saara and Rodrigo Campos,
    Northwind Collective,

    Sound of Heaven, Jani Pellikka,

    Cal ja Michelle Pierce,
    International Directors for the Healing Rooms Ministry

    Antonia and Victor Bregger,
    Directors for Healing Rooms Switzerland and  Area Directors for West Europe

    Paul Clift,
    Pastor and Director for Healing Rooms England, Wales and Scotland

    Maria and Kim Sjögren,
    Pastor and Director for Healing Rooms Sweden and Awakening Stockholm –conference host (Autumn 2016)

    Anton Tuul,
    Director for Healing Rooms Estonia

    Antero "Mooses" Laukkanen

    Maria and Patrick Tiainen

    Irma Frestadius

    Heikki Hilvo

    Markku and Susanne Laitinen

    Ari Puonti


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